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BP faces activist investor pressure to ditch clean energy pledges

Whilst it is important to celebrate all of the very significant funding and investment into the cleantech /Climatech sector, from solar to storage to Evs to Grid, and from VC Seed rounds to $Billion infrastructure funds, there still lurks a loathsome crew of Hedge Funds and other Ar*eholes that are doing their best to delay the clean energy and mobility transitions. 

It's important we call these people out and show them up for what they are. It's important we keep up pressure on governments, corporations, financiers and insurers, anyone and everyone that can influence these decisions. 

I spoke about this on my ‘Leaders in Cleantech’ podcast recently with author and Bloomberg News senior reporter Akshat Rathi, climate denial may be mostly over, but climate delayism is just beginning. 

The best thing you can do individually is to be selective where you spend and invest your money, and where you spend and invest your time (career). Don't work for these people!

ctivist investor Bluebell Capital Partners has called on BP to ditch its commitment to cut oil and gas output as well as other keys parts of its strategy to transform the company into a clean energy provider. Bluebell, a London-based hedge fund that previously took on Danone and Glencore, wrote to BP chair Helge Lund in October shortly after acquiring a small stake in the London-listed energy major.


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