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Politicians will show their hand

We enter a big year globally for elections, over 30 countries I think I read in the FT. Possibly Germany, and almost certainly the UK and the US. We've seen in the UK the current government back tracking on ‘green’ commitments, in the US the Orange buffoon of course promising to do the same. It will be very interesting to see how governments and opposition parties include, or don't,  clean energy and mobility transitions in their manifesto's. 

With this in mind, for my first Leaders in Cleantech podcast of 2024 I invited UK Shadow Minister for roads and transport to join me to hear his, and his parties views on the transitions, and their commitments if elected.  

The episode is published on YouTube and all podcast platforms on 5th January.

2024 will be a crucial year for governments to position themselves on the energy transition. Subsidies drive choices — and governments that fail to grasp the nettle will be left behind by their European counterparts. Rishi Sunak’s government seems to be putting the handbrake on renewable efforts. The UK general election will be a pivotal moment given the Labour Party’s £28bn green plan.


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