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Germany leading European solar deployment

In the first 10 months of this year, Germany installed a huge 11.7 GW of solar, close to ten times the amount that the UK has in the same time. Germany are truly leading the way in Europe, with a total installed capacity now of 79.2 GW. 

In order to hit the German government's target of achieving 215GW by 2030, they will need to install over 1.5GW per month which is a further stretch compared to a strong 2023. However this looks to be achievable based on the upward trend of installed capacity. Over recent months the split between roof and ground mount projects has been around 50:50, so all scales of projects are thriving. Innovative business models and combining technologies like batteries and heat pumps, allowing customers to be fossil fuel free, has boosted the uptake of solar in recent years. The German market is definitely one other European countries should be looking at to try and replicate. 

This year in Germany we've partnered with 1KOMMA5°, Sunvigo, Canadian Solar, PVcase and others to recruit top leadership talent. These businesses have been experiencing phenomenal growth and it's been a pleasure playing our part in aiding their expansion. If you're a growing business in the European solar sector and are in need of new leadership talent for 2024 and beyond please get in touch with myself or one our team. 




The German government has already surpassed its target of installing 9 GW this year, but achieving the cumulative goal of 215 GW by 2030 requires a monthly linear increase of 1,578 MW, a threshold that has not been reached in any month this year, according to the Bundesnetzagentur.


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