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Is automation the future of utility solar installation?

In the US alone, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has projected a demand of 800,000 new solar workers by 2030 to keep pace with it's decarbonization plan. That is an enormous number of people to recruit and train! Automation to the rescue? This new solution developed by Terabase Energy significantly reduces the amount of labour needed on site as well as improving safety, quality, cost and speed. 

In order to accelerate the adoption to clean energy solutions, I believe it's vital that we embrace automation and technology advancements that can help us get to our ultimate goal of net-zero. Automation solutions like this from Terabase Energy can have a significant impact on ramping installation of solar globally. I'm looking forward to seeing this technology getting rolled out in the coming years. Watch the video below to see what the future of utility solar installation could look like.

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The Terafab system makes use of digital twins, logistics software, an on-site digital command center, a field-deployed automated assembly line, and installation rovers that can operate 24/7. In the Arizona project, Terabase said its labor productivity improved 25% when compared with manual installation.


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