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National Grid to fast-track connections for 19 battery storage projects

Another piece of good news coming from National Grid this week. They also announced a £3.5Billion of investment in H1 of this year, to prepare the Grid for a surge of renewable energy projects. It is great to see a proactive approach to moving towards a renewables dominated electricity supply in the UK. Clearly adding utility scale (or any scale) energy storage, particularly co-located with solar and wind projects, helps avoid some grid upgrade requirements, and helps add flexibility and to balance the grid. As will the large number of electric vehicles when V2G becomes an option.

So often we hear that obtaining a grid connection is a difficult, lengthy and expensive process, which holds up the clean energy transition. We do though have to also address, as a sector, there are many renewable and storage projects that have grid connection approval that are not being built, and are standing in the way of projects that can be moved forward. It's good to hear also that National Grid are seeking to solve this problem too.  A good news story among such much negativity. Let's celebrate and capitalise on the progress we're making. 

Other hold ups for the growth of renewable and energy storage expansion are the weakness of talent pipelines! If you or your projects are being held up by a lack of talent, we at Hyperion are focused on solving that problem for you. Get in touch with one of the team.

The previous approach assumed the battery developers would wait for these upgrades to prevent curtailment. Now, they have agreed to accept the risk of occasional curtailment from the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) in exchange for early connection. National Grid has stated that an additional batch of battery projects, likely those co-located with wind or solar generation facilities, will be offered accelerated transmission connections in early 2024. This second tranche is also likely to have a collective capacity around the 10GW mark. The acceleration of the battery project connections come after National Grid set out plans to accelerate grid connections for up to 10GW of renewables back in September. It has also identified projects that could be removed from the connections queue to free up space for more ‘shovel-ready’ alternatives.


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