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Solar energy set to eclipse fossil fuels as world passes ‘tipping point’, study reveals

When I started my solar installation business in 2007, and solar panels were £2.80 per Watt, I still believed that solar would come to dominate global energy production. But call me Cassandra, pretty much no one believed me, especially the Government Ministers I met (something I've written about in the past). That said, of  course I wasn't alone. Many people saw the same future I saw, most of them I met at Intersolar and Solar & Storage Live. Many are still in the industry, and I count as my friends. Now we find ourselves with solar panels at £0.12p per Watt, and the marginal cost of solar power so low it's already the predominent technology in new global energy production capacity. Given the low cost (and still reducing long term) of solar, we now need to massively deploy solar, to install over capacity, so we can, with the deployment of energy storage move towards a world that is pretty close to 100% renewably powered. The Naysayers will argue, and the Cassadra's among us will continue to be disbelieved. Oh well. 

100% renewables, predominantly solar (and storage), are you a Naysayer or a Cassandra?

** After 8 years, and many MW of solar installations, I left the world of solar installation to found Hyperion Executive Search, to help build those solar/storage and now emobility companies that will help bring about a renewably powered world. If you are one of those companies, we can help you scale and find the hidden talent you need to do so. Get in touch.

“Solar energy is the most widely available energy resource on Earth, and its economic attractiveness is improving fast in a cycle of increasing investments,” the researchers wrote in a study detailing their findings. “We find that, due to technological trajectories set in motion by past policy, a global irreversible solar tipping point may have passed where solar energy gradually comes to dominate global electricity markets, without any further climate policies.”


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