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| 1 minute read

The importance of a thoughtful Interview process

Have you ever thought about the messages you are sending in the way you arrange and conduct your interview process? Recently one of my candidates was invited for a face-to -ace interview and the location they chose was quite far away from his current city. Not only that, but the notice for the interview was rather short. 

When candidates are invited to attend the interview at a short notice, they start contemplating the company’s values and professionalism. Short-notice interviews can be a red flag. They may indicate that the company don’t consider their time or circumstances, which can be a sign of inconsideration. It also points to poor planning on their part. Who wants to join that company?

In our fast-paced world, time is a valuable resource. Companies that respect candidates understand this and plan interviews thoughtfully. 

It is important give your candidates a good experience and to value their time and efforts, even if you don’t end up employing them. Remember, interviews are a two-way street, and both parties should leave with a positive impression. You may have further encounter in the future, in a different capacity, as potential business partners for example, or they may be good friends with a future target candidate. Do you want them sharing negative impressions? If you value their time and effort, you will leave a positive impression and project a good corporate value for any further business dealings.


For advice on interview processes that leave a positive impression, whether you hire the candidate or not, get in touch with me or a member of the Hyperion team.


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