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| 1 minute read

Belgian wildlife park hosts world’s largest wooden solar carport

This project in Belgium is particularly impressive for two reasons. First the shear size of it, a 40MW carport project is an incredible undertaking. Secondly, the structure is made entirely from wood, locally sourced fir to be precise. Using wood has significantly reduced the environmental impact of the project and this can be used as a great reference site for future sites using sustainable materials. Once EV charging is added to the site, visitors to this wildlife park will not only come back to a nice cool car but also a full battery courtesy of the solar panels above their heads.

I think we're only just scratching the surface of the potential of solar carports and believe many more countries will follow in France's footsteps by making it mandatory for car park with over 80 spaces to install solar canopies over at least half of the area they cover. This is ruling is set to add 11GW of solar capacity over the coming years in France, enough to power nearly 8 million homes. This shows the potential of bringing in such legislation. With the huge rise it EVs on the road, solar carports are the perfect solution to provide charging from on site solar energy.  


“The solar power plant that we built in the Pairi Daiza parking lot is the largest photovoltaic carport – made of wood – in the world,” Grégoire Dewandeleer,


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