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Trump and Big Oil - some interesting background reading

I know that politics aren`t only black and white - at least not in real life. 

However, this article surprised me in so far as it shows a different dimension to the US election in November.

Trump made his view on climate change pretty clear when he withdrew the us from the Paris agreement. However, he now goes a step further. In his latest fundraising dinner, her promised the oil industry generous tax cuts and favourable policies in exchange for donations and election support. Now, the magnitude of these promises is mind- boggling.  According to an analysis from Friends of the Earth, taking Trump’s ‘deal’ could save the fossil fuel industry $110 billion over time if Biden’s proposed elimination of industry tax breaks comes to pass. 

If one adds the other rather disturbing language Trump uses wit regards to other policy areas, the author of the article Bill McKibben argues that educating voters about the different climate change policies will be the key to the election. I have to say his rational makes sense to me!



Bill McKibben Thinks Climate Change Is The Key To A Biden Win In November


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