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| 1 minute read

Global module prices are near the bottom, Chinese PV giants say

Interesting news to come out of China as the leaders of Trina Solar and JinkoSolar predict a stabilisation of global solar modules prices. The last year has seen a dramatic reduction in module prices globally as the market has been flooded with product that that has exceeded demand. This huge oversupply has triggered prices falling by half in a 12-18 month period. This level of price reduction is of course not sustainable so a levelling off is to be expected. They have predicted that we'll gradually move closer to a more regular supply and demand relationship as demand increases.


PV prices are at a phenomenally competitive price point now as solar continues to capture more of a share of the global energy mix. This weekend's exceptionally nice weather in the UK saw solar contribute to over 35% of our electricity demand at lunchtime on Saturday. This is a real reminder of the potential of solar to play a dominant role in our energy mix.  We're very pleased to be working with many clients who are playing their part in the solar revolution. If you'd like to know more about the opportunities we're working on please get in touch.


“The prices of photovoltaic modules is currently at a low level, and there is limited room for further decline. In the future, as the demand in the PV industry increases, the supply and demand relationship is expected to gradually improve,”


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