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| 1 minute read

EV's are the secret weapon the Grid needs

Imagine your electric car (EV) being not just the more sustainable choice of getting from A to B, but in fact the secret weapon for a cheaper, cleaner energy future. That's the exciting potential revealed by a recent trial between Octopus Energy and National Grid ESO.

You see, Electric Vehicles can serve as as tiny power plants, plugged into the grid and ready to help out when needed. By charging at off-peak times, they can actually return energy back to the grid, balancing supply and demand.

This might sound complex, but it is actually pretty simple and the trial has proven there are so many benefits to leveraging electric vehicles as a tool to help balance the grid.

Costs are slashed as the trial suggests with millions of pounds saved annually for the entire energy system. Not only that, the Grid becomes greener by the fact it uses stored energy meaning we are able to rely less on fossil fuels for peak demand moments and to add to that, it is a win-win for EV drivers who get rewarded with cheaper charging rates and money back for helping out the grid.

This is just the beginning. As an EV driver who is already benefitting through automated off-peak smart charging at a reduced rate, I'm excited for the continued innovation and development we are going to see as we continue to transition beyond the early adopter phase of electric vehicles and they become more common. 

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is absolutely going to revolutionise how we power our homes and cities in future. So, the next time you plug in your EV, remember – you might be secretly helping build a more sustainable energy future - something you cannot do in your petrol/diesel equivalent. 

At Hyperion Executive Search, we partner with EV, energy storage and grid service companies to hire exceptional talent who in turn, are driving forward the transition to a more stable and sustainable future where the grid is greener and the air we breathe is much cleaner. For information on how we can support your hiring needs, please get in touch. 

According to the energy supplier, the results of the trial suggest that if the 10 million EVs expected to be in the UK by 2030 participated in the BM, system costs could be reduced by almost £100 million a year.


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