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Port of Liverpool unveils ‘UK’s largest solar project’

Fantastic news for Liverpool as it looks to decarbonise The Port of Liverpool with this landmark project. Living in Liverpool, it's excellent to see a project of such magnitude and ambition being delivered on my doorstep. The shipping industry obviously is a huge carbon emitter so I'm very pleased to see Peel Ports taking steps to reduce their impact. The UK's largest roof-mounted solar project will be combined with upgraded new wind turbines to help Peel Ports reach their ambition to become a net-zero port operator by 2040.

This project demonstrates the considerable impact rooftop solar can have in meeting our net zero targets. We're very proud to be working with some fantastic solar businesses who are building their teams to deliver impactful projects and products. If you'd like to know more about the solar opportunities we are working on, please contact myself or my colleague Laura Sottosanti. 

Chris Norbury, E.ON UK chief executive, added: “The Port of Liverpool is a critical piece of infrastructure for the UK and decarbonising sites like this will be vital for the UK to achieve its environmental goals. “Simply put, we all need to move faster on reducing emissions and this huge project will be a massive step in the right direction.”


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