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Encouraging news

At the moment, watching or reading the news isn`t exactly an experience that leaves you with overly optimistic outlook on the future of our world. 

It was therefore a very encouraging surprise to me reading that in 2023, Germany recorded the sharpest decline in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990.  

The report by the German authorities breaks down the emissions by sector like transport, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture etc. Interestingly, the transport sector is the one with the worst record, actually having increased its carbon footprint. 

Whilst I`m not a typical petrol head myself, I am still wondering if driving - and driving fast - is something that`s engrained in the German psychology more than with other nations; and whether this has something to do with the slower adoption of EVs`?

In any case, the report provides an outlook that Germany will reach its 2030 targets as well if we stay on the current trajectory - which is a positive thought to g into the weekend with!


Deutschlands CO₂-Emissionen sinken 2023 im Rekordtempo


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