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Fake (anti - climate) news and how to spot them

If you are born in a European country in the 1970s - like me - you might take things like free speech, a free press and the separation of powers in a democratic system for granted.

At the same time, there are always people who have a vested interest to influence the public opinion in a certain way - so far, so good and normal, you might say.

However, we are in 2024 and digital media and communication has a bigger influence on political decisions and peoples` opinion than ever. And with this comes the challenge that it is now harder than ever to differentiate between real news and facts and fake news.

With elections in more than 50 countries in 2024, this article stuck with me - because it actually gives some good advice on how to spot fake news - not just when it comes to climate change topics but also on other issues and problems.

I believe it is absolutely essential for our society and the planet to base decisions on real facts - not propaganda!


Five Signs To Spot Anti-Cleantech Propaganda From Seemingly Innocuous Sources


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