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Hydrogen made in Germany got another boost

Hydrogen and its role in future clean energy scenarios is a topic that always sparks a debate. 

What is an undeniable trend is that Germany is becoming more and more of a hydrogen technology hub in Europe. 

Both on the public funding as well as private investment side we see some sizeable commitments. Following the European Union`s €7 billion plus boost for hydrogen infrastructure projects in February, the Dresden based manufacturer of electrolysers Sunfire secured around € 500 million in a series E funding round. 

This is a very interesting trends as Europe aims to future - proof its heavy industries. Whilst these projects aim at pipelines as the major transport mode for green hydrogen, there are also companies like Hydrogenious Technologies who develop LOHC technologies for carrying H2 on ships, rail and road.

So, to pick up the thought from earlier, what is your view on Hydrogen?

Sunfire secures €500m for green hydrogen tech


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