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Our Kids' (and Planet's) Right to Fresh Air

For those who know me, the reason I do what I do, the reason I drive an electric vehicle is largely down to my Son - a beautiful, charming little boy who just happens to be severely asthmatic.

Of course, if you already drive electric or have experienced driving electric, you'll likely agree EV's are much better to drive, boast far superior tech and are much cheaper to run (especially if you are able to charge at home like I am). Most importantly though, electric vehicles are simply cleaner than their ICE equivalents and as outlined in a new report from the American Lung Association, EV's bring particular advantages for children, especially those vulnerable to respiratory illness like my son.

My family and I are fortunate enough to have recently moved away from the hustle and bustle of a heavily congested urban district to a small rural village in the countryside and my Son's health has improved tenfold. The school run each morning is another story though and this is where his asthma tends to kick off given the dozens of cars and their idling engines we have to pass through on the approach to school. 

The report found kids are at greater risk of air pollution as their lungs are still growing. By phasing out ICE vehicles, from 2035, if all new vehicles sold are zero-tailpipe emission, the report estimates there would be 2.7 million fewer asthma attacks among children, as well as 147,000 fewer acute case of bronchitis. Moreover, the transition would prevent 2.67 million cases of upper respiratory symptoms and 1.87 million cases of lower respiratory symptoms in children and there would be 508 fewer cases of infant mortality.

And that's why the ZEV mandate and the 'Zero Emission Van Plan' - a campaign launched yesterday by Logistics UK, BVRLA, Recharge UK, AFP and The EV Café  are so important to accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles in the the UK and help clean up our air.

Just imagine it, a future with millions fewer asthma attacks, cleaner air, and a healthier planet for our children. That should be enough motivation for anyone and any business to make the switch.

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“Kids are at greater risk of air pollution, their lungs are still growing.”


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