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The Netherlands launches subsidy for solar modules and battery manufacturing

This is very interesting news coming out of the Netherlands as it looks to boost it's domestic manufacturing capacity to reduce it's reliance on imported solar modules and batteries. Europe has long since struggled to compete with the Asian manufacturers, particularly the Chinese. The recent solar over-capacity issues, driving costs down to astonishing lows has only exasperated the issue.

However, with new subsidies and the European Union adopting the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA), European manufacturing could be given a welcome boost. Under NZIA, EU member countries will only be able to source up to 50% of solar modules from auctions from a single country. Construction of new manufacturing facilities will also have their permits fast-tracked to get them online as quickly as possible. 

Finlay Colville also recently wrote extensively about the opportunities for European manufactured solar products on the global market, in particular India and the US.  

Could these measures be sufficient to revitalise the European solar and battery manufacturing sector? There's certainly a huge amount of innovation in Europe and hopefully it's manufacturing capabilities will have the chance to be demonstrated at scale. 

This new subsidy aims to reduce the Netherlands’ dependence on other countries to procure these components.


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