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Green jobs require Green skills: Transport + Energy Partnership with WMG

Announced today, in a ground-breaking move to address the pressing issue of workforce skills in the transport and energy sectors,  Transport + Energy - my go-to source for industry news and insight's has teamed up with WMG at the University of Warwick to launch a fantastic new initiative, named ‘Transport + Energy Skills’.

The initiative aims to tackle shortages in these critical industries and propel UK companies towards competitiveness in an ever-evolving landscape. The transport and energy transition is creating thousand of job opportunities and as we know oh too well at Hyperion Executive Search, and the demand for skills is only going to grow stronger. Having recruited into the mobility and energy sector for well over a decade, the ‘war for talent’ continues to brew stronger and too often we see firms throwing silly money on the table to secure the talents ahead of their competition. It is unsustainable and isn't moving the industry forward. As firms continue poaching talent from each other because they require 'plug and play' experienced candidates, we are simply taking from Peter to pay Paul without opening the door to new talents from outside the sector and this approach certainly isn't going to address the talent shortage. We need to do better.

We need to continue to transition talent from other industries, we need to re-skill, upskill and re-train and create new skills for as many as possible if we are going to stand any chance of achieving net zero. Just yesterday, I spoke with a super talented candidate who works for one of the largest Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) businesses in the UK who said his firm had been involved in launching a new solar proposition which meant an upskilling of their satellite engineers as rooftop solar installation engineers. This is a fantastic example of upskilling and something we are very passionate about at Hyperion. 

Having known Alec Peachey, Founder and Editorial Director of Transport + Energy for some time now, I know how incredibly passionate he is about this topic, he is a true voice within the industry when it comes to highlighting the importance of skills in ensuring the adaptability of UK companies for the future. Thus, it was music to our ears when we learned of this initiative this morning. 

Hats off to Transport + Energy and WMG for this important step forward. Both myself and Hyperion are fully supportive of your work and if we can support in any way possible, we would be glad to do so. 

Since 2014, Hyperion have been working exclusively across the mobility and energy sectors, supporting cleantech companies to access senior talents from within and outside of the sector. To hear who we can support your career or business - Connect with me  today and let's talk.

In order to maintain the UK’s leading position in net zero and energy transition, we must plan for the significant changes that will be required in the workforce


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