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What matters when you get the top job

We have seen it time and again - when high-achieving employees get the first C-level job, they often face a number of challenges. And whilst they prepared themselves for the “D-day”, it can still be a lot to take in when it actually happens.

From an employee point of view, top manager in today`s economic environment need to both optimize existing business models and processes as well as innovate and develop new service offerings and technology-driven solutions that capitalize on AI (for example). 

At the same time, not only the job itself but also the contractual setting for the new C-level job needs to reflect the changes. This can be a pitfall for the employee as companies sometimes don`t change the  relevant clauses in existing employment contracts.

The below article highlights some of the most common aspects of “getting the top job”. 


Worauf Jobaufsteiger achten müssen


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