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Hyperion assemble! (To the Peak District)

What links Liverpool, Karachi, Munich and Barcelona… well the Hyperion team, of course!

As I write this, sat at our company off-site, I'm feeling grateful to work with colleagues from around the world. Each with a different story and uniquely different personalities.

That is the beauty of our off-sites - spending precious time in each other's companies, getting to know what makes us tick and breaking down some of the barriers that working remotely can put up.

Don't get me wrong, these aren't just a social get together. Business improvement is critical. On day 1, we took a deep dive into last quarter's performance, dissecting the good and bad, and working collaboratively to find novel ways to get better and better.

It's all about accountability and improvement and it's rewarding to have a culture where we can challenge each other to be better in all departments.

Today we discuss Q1 objectives and plans to achieve them, plus some fun with the team later on. Maybe even a snowball fight or two! 

Hyperion mean business in 2024!


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