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We need to talk about heat!

I was really pleased to hear about Naked Energy's latest project, which provides solar heat to luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park. I was excited to hear about this for two reasons. Firstly Naked Energy are a client of Hyperion, so it's great to see them leading the way in this pioneering project. And secondly, it shines a light on the potential of solar heat and the important role it can play in the journey to net zero.

As heat accounts for over half (51%) of global energy demand, the decarbonisation of heat is an enormous challenge we need to solve.  Electrification with heat pumps etc is a vital part of this but solar heating has the potential to play an incredible important role. Solar thermal technologies have been used for decades but I don't think they ever really fulfilled their potential to generate renewable heat onsite where it's needed. I believe this decade will see a significant scale-up in the adoption of solar thermal technologies.  

At Hyperion, we're very proud to support businesses like Naked Energy at the forefront of new clean technologies. If your business needs help in recruiting the talent to bring your technology to market or to scale-up, please get in touch with one of the team. 






A new partnership will see Naked Energy install solar technology on the rooftop of Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London to heat the entire hotel. The agreement will see the solar technology company install 120 of its VirtuHOT solar thermal collectors across the five-star hotel’s roof space in Hyde park, supplying hot water to the it’s 181 guest rooms, suites, restaurants and spa. According to Naked Energy this will help lower the hotel’s energy costs as 70% of the building’s energy consumption is currently spent on heating and hot water


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