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| 1 minute read

Another Fund Launches to Invest in Climate Technology

It's no secret that fundraising for new funds has been extremely difficult this year. Therefore, it's great to see yet another investor is stepping up to the plate. Partech, a French asset management company, has recently announced the launch of its debut impact fund. With a fundraising target of €300m, the fund aims to invest in climate technology companies that are focused on innovations to achieve net-zero emissions targets. The launch of Partech's impact fund provides much-needed capital to climate technology companies in Europe.

It's good to see more funds coming to the market and investing in climate technology companies. Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing the world today, and technological innovations will play a crucial role in reaching net-zero emissions. With more investors coming to market, we hopefully see to more investments in the sector in 2024 compare to this year.

Partech's debut impact fund aims to support the development of innovative solutions to fight climate change and achieve net-zero emissions targets. In the current challenging fundraising environment, the launch of this fund is especially important, as it demonstrates the investor community's continued interest in the climate technology. The linking of returned interest to performance outcomes also reflects Partech's bold approach to incentivising positive environmental outcomes. 

Let's hope that Partech's impact fund will be successful, heralding future funds that will contribute to our collective efforts to combat climate change.

For the past decade we’ve been helping to combat climate change by supporting the growth of clean tech start-ups. Building a strong leadership team is crucial to ensuring the long-term growth and sustainability of a company in the cleantech sector. If you are seeking to hire your C-level team, we would be thrilled to support you in finding the right talent.

Partech Impact is seeking to raise €300 million to invest in 15 growth stage companies. The firm expects to hit its target “towards the end of 2024”, general partner Rémi Said told New Private Markets. It has already completed a first close, though Said declined to comment on the amount raised thus far.


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