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Good soft skills makes good C-level candidate for recruiter

I had a conversation with a potential CFO candidate this week, and within just 15 minutes, it was clear that he was an great fit for the role. What set him apart? His straightforward approach. From the outset, he showcased his fundraising skills, a crucial requirement for the position, by giving a recent successful fundraising example. He also showed a keen interest in my client's business by checking their website and asking a specific, relevant question.

He shared a concise overview of his career achievements, aligning them with the demands of the role. Beyond qualifications, he had a friendly and likeable personality, that made a lasting impression. 

I can't stress enough the significance of soft skills for C-level candidates.

In the world of executive recruitment, where time is precious commodity, the first 15 minutes can make or break a potential collaboration. First impressions matter—research suggests people form opinions within 7 seconds, even in virtual interactions. Given our clients' hectic schedules, those initial moments are crucial. Hence, my advice: be concise, highlight your skills relevant to the job, showcase relevant experiences, and exhibit your motivation.

In a nutshell, the art of making an impactful first impression involves demonstrating your value swiftly and effectively. Nail those crucial initial minutes, and you pave the way for further discussions. 


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