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Casting the net for solar recruits

Since I founded my solar EPC back in 2007, it has been a challenge to hire great solar talents. That is one of the reasons why, when exiting my solar business I founded Hyperion Executive Search - combining my 20+ years of recruitment experience with my years leading the solar business- to help Solar businesses find the talent they needed.

Since I founded Hyperion almost ten years ago, we've been placing great talent into the solar industry across Europe. Of course we now have teams focused on Energy Storage and Future mobility too, but solar is in our DNA.

Our focus is on C-suite, Board, VP and ‘Head of’ level roles, C-Suite -2, this is for OEMs, EPCs, Developers, IPPs and right across the solar value chain.  Demand is high as the article suggests, and supply is short. That's why our proven search model is so successful for those hard to find talents. We search globally. Our NEDs are solar industry heavy-weights, our network is second to none. 

If you need support building your solar capabilities and resources, reach out to me, or 


Of course, such a massive transition requires a lot of additional resources, not least skilled workers. SolarPower Europe's recent “EU Solar Jobs Report 2023” revealed a staggering 39% growth in the solar workforce, reaching an impressive 648,000 employees by the end of 2022 and up from 466,000 in the previous year. While initial estimates projected 1 million solar jobs by 2030, the industry now anticipates achieving this milestone as early as 2025, underscoring the rapid pace of solar market expansion.


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