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| 1 minute read

What is salary springboarding? And how to avoid being sprung!

You could say that as a Capitalist system, we get the employees we deserve. Disloyal, uninvested and always looking for the greener grass, the bigger salary, the better more prestigious job title. Well what can you expect, if you treat employees like commodities, milk them for what they are worth, well, then you shouldn't complain when you get ‘milked!'.

How do you defend your business against this trend, this attitude, this exploitation? It's really pretty simple…. It's your culture stupid!

We often hear the quote, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, There is some question over who first said or wrote it, but no question that it's pretty good advice, particularly in this context. If you want loyalty, be loyal, if you want invested employees, invest in your employees, if you want a less transient and exploitative workforce, be less transient and exploitative. 

If you only offer money, and perks as a means to keep your employees, they can always find better money and more perks elsewhere, you breed the behaviour's you read about in this article. But if you offer a great culture, a sense of mission and purpose, meaningful work, challenge, autonomy, flexibility, personal and professional development, loyalty and recognition (and decent fair pay), then you'll be almost immune from such behaviours.  But isn't that expensive you say? Much like addressing climate change, it can be expensive, or viewed as an investment, and it's a damsite less expensive that the alternative.

If you want support and advice on creating great working cultures, and hiring genuine talent into your team, speak to one of the Hyperion team.

The most straightforward way for a business to avoid losing its top talent is to invest in its people, not just in the pay rises it can afford, but in training and development opportunities, so that staff feel they are progressing at work. The best way for a company to avoid being used as a springboard, meanwhile, is to factor long-term strategy into every hiring process. Every interview question should be couched in long-termist language


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