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How do we attract the talent needed to achieve net-zero?

In order to reach our net-zero targets, we're going to need over a hundred thousand more solar panel and heat pump installers in the UK over the next decade. As this MCS report states, apprenticeships will be a vital way in attracting young people into the renewables industry. Gen Z are probably the most aware of the climate crisis compared to older generations so it's even more important that we can effectively guide young people in to careers in the sector. It seems that there's still a lack of information about types of careers that exist in renewables and also the routes to accessing those careers. 

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of training young people and providing strong career opportunities without the need to go to university. The demand for skilled renewable installers has skyrocketed so it's essential that we're training sufficient people to meet this demand. 

Whilst our focus at Hyperion Executive Search has always been hiring executive level talent, it's very important that businesses in the sector give the right attention to attracting those at the start of their careers. These people will be the future leaders in this sector so it's so important we're making a conscious effort to attract talented young people with potential. Schools and colleagues therefore play a really important role in providing the right information to young people about the opportunities that are available in renewables. Young people are increasingly driven by purpose led organisations and you'd struggle to find a greater purpose than tackling the climate crisis!

The report does mention that “57% of young people said that they would be more likely to consider a renewable energy job if they knew that they could get an apprenticeship where they could earn and learn at the same time”. 55% of young people also said that they would “consider a renewable energy job if there was more information about the options in their school, college or university”.


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