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Macron's Smart Solar Move

As I frequently say, Solar was and is my first love, at least in clean technology. Having a company that installed many Megawatts of solar PV on rooftops across the UK, it always struck me as insane that we didn't mandate rooftop solar on all new buildings, and indeed for any retrofit programme. France now seems to be coming to that conclusion. (The image is part of a 400Kwp fully funded PPA roof we installed on a cold storage facility- 2012, pre-drone photography!)

Solar is the critical generation technology for a clean energy future. Of course batteries and electric vehicles are fundamental to the transition, but solar is where the electrons come from in the first instance. We've seen how wind power is having a tough time at present, with many economic challenges. As for Nuclear, as the article states, even if you ignore the issue of generating a very toxic by-product, it's just pretty impossible to build a nuclear plant economically, and the cost disparity, and ease of construction verses solar increases every day. 

Perhaps controversially, though by no means in isolation, I don't buy the ‘what about baseload’ arguments for nuclear, and against solar. The new energy system is decentralised, not central ‘command and control’, that's always in my mind been why politicians, particularly right leaning ones, don't like solar. 

For the last ten years Hyperion Executive Search has been helping solar companies to scale and internationalise, from OEMs of modules, inverters and BoS, to EPCs, IPPs & Developers, to SaaS design specialists. Let's solarise the world, we're here to help.

French President Emmanuel Macron (Belfort speech early 2022) stated that solar PV production should be increased tenfold to over 100 gigawatts (GW). This year, parliament passed a new law that makes it compulsory for parking lots of more than 1,500 m2 to have half their surface area covered in solar. According to an analysis by the Washington Post, this will result in an installed capacity of between 6.75 gigawatts and 11.25 gigawatts, at a cost of up to $14.6 billion. This is an impressive amount of power. France’s 56 nuclear power plants average 1 gigawatt each.... rooftop solar could replace an equivalent of 8 nuclear power stations (on a sunny day) at no cost to the government. France’s latest nuclear reactor is 10 years behind schedule and will have cost €13,2 billion by the time it is operational next year.


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