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The CEO’s guide to the next big recruitment challenge

This topic always reminds me of the famous quote from one of Bill Clinton's campaign managers in his successful bid for President. Trying to get to the one thing that was most important to the public, and therefore to his success, James Carville stressed: It's the Economy stupid. 

I say wholeheartedly, when it comes to the success of any business, large or small, now more than ever: It's the People stupid. Of course CEO's are very seldom stupid, occasionally foolish, but often over-stretched, and mis-informed. I don't care how many MBA's you have, where you were Magna cum laude, or how many BCG's you've hired for your strategy, unless your strategy is to hire the very best talent you can afford you are never going to achieve the success you could. It's the People stupid!

As this article shows, some very big companies, and high profile CEOs have also come to this conclusion and lead from the front in attracting top talent.  What is your employee value proposition?

At Hyperion Executive Search we have a clear manifesto about how we positively impact society and the environment through our work, and I make a promise to do all I personally can to provide inspiring, uncapped, flexible, careers for every employee. 

The days of employer indifference to their employees is done, thankfully. If you want mediocrity that's fine, but if you want excellence, you need to attract the best talent. In the cleantech sector, at Hyperion, we know where to find them, and between us, we can attract and retain them. Get in touch.



“I changed from being someone who thought that if you had the right strategy and the right financial metrics in place you were going to win; to someone who realised that the only thing that really matters is having truly exceptional people in your organisation,” he says.


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