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How To Keep Team Collaboration Alive And Thriving In A Hybrid Work World

The remote/hybrid/office conversations will go on for some time yet. Usually it's easy to see the root of someone's opinion. If you own or lease the office of course you're going to favour office working, if you have a low trust culture, you're going to favour office working. If you're a slacker you're going to favour fully remote working etc

But we're quite a long way passed the Pandemic now, and at Hyperion we've been hiring leadership roles, during the pandemic, and since. From our own experience, and the experiences of our clients, Hybrid working, whilst not perfect, or indeed easy, is the option that provides the greatest balance of social interaction, employee empowerment, and importantly  hiring and retention capability. No one wants to commute or be stuck in an office/car/bus/train being fed up and unproductive.

Analysing our hiring mandates so far this year, and these are typically C-Suite, VP, Heads of level, across all disciplines, General Management/Leadership, finance, operations, engineering, commercial we found that they were….

Office - 22%

Hybrid - 52%

Remote - 26%

Only 22% fully office based. 78% either hybrid or remote.

If you are a leader or leadership team having this debate, unless it's a lab/site specific role, good luck trying to push existing or new hires to be fully office based. That way of working is dead. Like the Internal Combustion engine, it's days are gone. Better to embrace the future than drag out the past. 

If you want to hire great people, you'll need to offer remote/hybrid work, and of course a great culture, autonomy, flexibility and decent benefits. 

This article gives some good tips on hybrid working culture, if you want to explore this further, and how we, and our clients have adapted and are thriving in hybrid/remote working, get in touch, or follow me on Linked In 

Hybrid work is generally practical and welcome. On the whole, hybrid employees like being able to have the autonomy to control where and when they do their jobs. As Gallup observed in 2022, 71% of hybrid workers said they appreciated having a better work-life balance. Nearly as many felt hybrid work styles were more efficient. However, they weren’t shy about sharing the challenges they experienced when straddling the at-home/in-office fence.


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