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Using agrivoltaics on 1% of EU farmland could lead to 944 GW installed capacity, JRC says

Agrivoltaics represent a huge opportunity for the European solar industry. Having the ability to use just a tiny fraction of EU farmland could open up a 944GW market (5 times the total EU installed capacity in 2022). However, there are a number of barriers which need to be lifted (many relating to definitions, impacts on subsidies and technical challenges) in order for this to become a reality which are outlined in the Joint Research Centre report. Agriculture is going through a huge transition with technological advances in vertical farming etc which can lead to greater areas of land being dedicated to nature or energy generation.

I'm looking forward to attending Solar and Storage Live this week in Birmingham and discussing some of the many opportunities the sector has for expansion. If you'd like to arrange a meeting with myself or one of the Hyperion team, please get in touch. 



Agrivoltaics' potential could be unlocked if policymakers made changes, according to the report's 17 recommendations. This includes ensuring certified agri-PV systems were not excluded from common agricultural policy (CAP) subsidies; further research and development, and pilot schemes to overcome technical challenges; financial support through member states’ national policies was provided; and more.


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