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The Importance of The Candidate Experience in your hiring process

As with anything, if you have a positive experience with something it's likely you will tell your family, your friends and chances are, you will want a repeat of that positive experience.

Take going out for a meal for instance, if your experience of the restaurant is positive, you'll likely return to eat in future, you may tell other's about your experience, you may even write a positive review, leave a generous tip etc.

It is not rocket science. Provide a positive experience for your customers and they will return.

The hiring process is no different. If you want to attract the very best candidates to your business, you need to think about your end to end hiring process. How you ensure the very best candidates can hear about you and reach you, how you present your business, how you ensure a positive interview process with timely feedback, what your on-boarding process looks like. Getting your hiring process right is so important. If you want to hire the very best people in the market, a positive hiring process can make all the difference in securing them. Even with unsuccessful candidates, providing a positive experience for them will do wonders for your reputation.

At Hyperion Executive Search, we work with early stage founders who are building out their leadership teams, often, for the very first time. What constitutes a good hiring process is sometimes alien to them. To us it is not. Knowing who to include in the interview process, knowing how to structure it, knowing what is over-kill, what questions to ask, what good feedback looks like and when and how to provide it can make all the difference in securing that key hire. To learn more about best practices for hiring and how we can support you to reach your scale objectives, please get in touch. 

The candidate's experience has a significant impact on an organization's reputation and success. Candidates who have a positive experience during the recruitment process are more likely to accept job offers and become brand ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences with others.


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