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EVs in rural areas - a controversial topic

Whilst the question whether EVs a really practical in rural areas will depend on the country, at least for the US a new study has shown that EVs do work in rural areas.

The study has not only covered the monetary side in terms of maintenance and gas/ electricity prices but also whether families could keep their cars charged without drama. And the participants who were families with kids in rural areas of California or Vermont confirmed that even longer drives were manageable and that they didn`t experience range anxiety. 

Whilst the option of home charging was a prerequisite, once that box was ticked, it seems that Electric Vehicles also work in the rural US.

Having grown up in a rural part of Germany myself, I am wondering what the feedback would be closer to home. Let us know your experience with EVs if you live somewhere rural in Europe.

Let’s Put An End To The Myth That Electric Cars Are Not Suitable For Rural Drivers


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