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AI`s own Cannes - Festival and what it means for Europe

Whilst the film industry has its Cannes Film Festival, the tech scene seems to take to Paris for its “Vivatech” festival. 

Whilst OpenAI as one of the US giants in the AI space is contemplating another office in Europe, their CEO Sam Altman acknowledged that the European start up landscape has some promising players as well. 

In addition to the most hyped French firm Mistral - commonly dubbed as one of Europe’s most promising competitors to OpenAI - there are some other interesting players like Aleph Alpha and DeepL in Germany as well as Nable, Photoroom and Dust in France.

We believe that there is a lot of promising talent among Europe`s tech community - if we are able to provide enough early stage venture capital, there is every  chance of a future global AI leader - that was born on the Champs Elysee or near the Brandenburg Gate.



OpenAI gets cosy with Paris


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