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| 1 minute read

Octopus Energy's 1GW boost to the Grid

The surge in electric vehicles calls for clever ways to manage the grid. Sure, some naysayers argue the grid can't handle everyone switching, but solutions like Intelligent Octopus Go from Octopus Energy prove it's possible and a win for both EV drivers and the grid itself.

Launched in 2022, Intelligent Octopus Go goes beyond standard smart charging. It acts as the UK's first truly flexible charging tariff, offering a significant low-cost charging window every night. This window coincides with periods of abundant, low-carbon energy generation, typically when wind power is high. The system operates seamlessly through the Octopus Energy app. Users simply set their desired charging time and level at which point the system, powered by Octopus's Kraken platform, then automatically schedules charging for the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly window.

And the success of the tariff is evident. In just one year, Transport + Energy reports the number of customers has grown fivefold with over 150,000 EVs now leveraging the system. This translates to a combined battery capacity of 1 gigawatt (GW) – enough to power major cities like Birmingham and Leeds during peak hours!

Personally, I've seen a significant reduction in my charging costs compared to a standard tariff. Plus, the knowledge that I'm contributing to a greener grid with each charge is an added bonus.

There's over a quarter-million EVs now on Octopus smart tariffs and I expect this number will continue to rise steadily as EV uptake increases both domestically and internationally. 

Dear mainstream media, let's start looking at EV's as an added ingredient towards a greener, more sustainable grid rather than a strain!

We’re seeing a paradigm shift in global energy – moving from dumb to smart systems that dynamically manage energy demand and supply in an Uber-style fashion. Now being able to manage a virtual power plant of 150,000 EVs has massive benefits for not only our future green grid, but every person that pays an energy bill too.


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