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Grid Connection - a future bottle neck

Keeping the grid going will be one of the biggest challenges when we switch from burning fossil fuels to solar and wind. 

Historically, we have relied on fossil fuels, which are easy to ramp up and down depending on demand. Some renewable energy sources like solar and wind are different: they can’t be turned on and off on command to match that demand. 

To cope with the change, grids are integrating more battery storage. Batteries can store up wind and solar power when it’s flowing, and then dispatch into the grid when demand is higher and there’s less energy being produced. 

Consequently, battery technology that connects green asset owners to the grid and hence the power market, will be essential as it allows them to sell their capacity at times when extra energy is needed. 

Enspired is a Vienna based player in this space who has just raised some significant funds. The investment in them showcases an increasingly interesting space in the broader cleantech spectrum.

We at Hyperion have built up substantial knowledge in this area and look forward to connecting with more innovators in this space.

Enspired secures €25m for battery storage energy tech


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