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Cleantech and AI - the places to be for investors in Germany!

Intuitively, it makes sense that the two hottest investment spaces in 2023 were cleantech and AI companies - now the latest numbers have it confirmed.

Among the top 10 fastest growing Start Ups in Germany in terms of headcount were mainly firms from the AI and cleantech space. 

Whilst German tech ended 2023 on a slightly sour note, with VC funding dropping by a third and just three unicorns crowned, 2024 is already showing some promise. In the first quarter of this year, German startups raised $2.3bn, $300m more than the same quarter in 2023, making it the second top ecosystem in Europe by VC investment in 2024 so far.

For Hyperion, it is great news that we had the pleasure to work with 1komma5 in the past as it is still the fastest growing German Start Up in 2023.

If you are growing your business in this space, get in touch and we can share some of our market insights!


Climate and AI startups are — predictably — growing their headcount the fastest after huge financing rounds in 2023


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