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| 1 minute read

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible

I had the pleasure of attending the first ADAPT YOUR WORLD Conference yesterday in Munich. It was a great day of interesting presentations and discussions on climate adaptation and how we can all contribute to developing an ecosystem that supports start ups and investors in this space´- a big thank you to Ulli Seitz for organising it!

Amongst the many facts and impressions one quote really stayed with me - as relates to so aspects of the challenges we face as society.

As I`m posting these thoughts on Linked In, millions of other people will open it on their mobile or computer to read up on news, connect with peers or log into a webinar.

And we often think that our behaviour and conduct on social media as individuals doesn`t have an impact on the overall culture and atmosphere of these networks. Well, it does if we take int consideration that millions of other people might act in a similar way. Just like the snow flakes collectively are responsible for an avalanche.

So while reading this interview on the train this morning about the challenges LI faces with regards to inappropriate conduct of some members, this quote came to mind again.

Just like our behaviour regarding our personal carbon footprint and daily habits has an effect on our climate, our individual conduct on social media has a collective effect on the quality and positivity of the interactions we have with each other on these platforms. 

So in the spirit of the above thoughts - let`s make sure that we are aware of the snow flake effect in all walks of life  - and that LinkedIn stays a positive experience!

Each snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.


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