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An orbituary for the German car industry? Maybe not just yet...

I have been posting a bit about Germany`s car industry and the trouble they are in. However, I haven`t read such a comprehensive analysis and summary of the factors and forces at play than this article.

Some people might say it`s a mix of policy failure (don`t get me started on EV Charging infrastructure in Germany - or the lack of it), management mistakes (only we know how to build proper, expensive cars!) and unfair competition from China (state owned companies like BYD don`t play by the same rules as us)  - well, it`s not that easy and simple.

Whilst the Germans are lagging behind in many aspects, there are still some factors that could turn the game in their direction.

So if you can spare a few minutes over the easter weekend - this article id worth reading!


An Existential Crisis in the German Auto Industry


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