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Electric Vehicles - the Promised Land of Future Mobility?

Predicting the future is a risky business - very rarely do we get it right.

This is also true for our future mobility world. How fast and how deep the transition to electric mobility will be in the future is hard to say. However, there are a few predictions in the below article I tend to agree with. 

With regards to factors accelerating the growth, I am convinced that the increasing choice of cheaper EV models and the improved charging infrastructure will push demand and EV adaptation.

I also agree that grid enhancements and V2G will be factors for EV growth; where I am not so sure is the article`s view that EVs will be an extension of home and will therefore be purchased. The idea that Connectivity will expand into more point of sale opportunities makes sense; consumers will purchase items or services directly from a vehicle’s center infotainment screen. But will that be enough to switch to an EV?

In any case - it`s an ongoing discussion with lots of pro`s and con`s.  And the jury is still out..


EV sales will grow at least four-fold by 2030 and make up between 62% and 86% of global car sales in 2030


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