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Plug In Hybrids - Yea or Nay?

When we read news or articles, some of those “hit home” immediately while others don`t stay with you. 

When I read the above headline, it did resonate a lot as we drive a Plug In Hybrid ourselves. And I ask myself every day - is it really that environmentally friendly?

Without prejudging the right answer, it - as always - depends on our behaviour. We don`t have an opportunity to charge an EV at home or at our offices, so a pure EV would be tricky to fit into our family life - especially with a small child. 

But in summary, it seems that efficient Plug In Hybrids are a first step into the right direction if they are charged at every possible opportunity to drive short distances purely in EV - mode (which is wheat they are made for).

I would be interested in other people`s experience on this topic too!

Plug-in Hybrids: Are They Really A Solution To Reducing Emissions?


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