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There will always be sceptics, but the numbers are real..

The debate about how environmentally friendly electric cars are compared to the combustion engine is an ongoing topic - and quite often not based on scientific data but urban myths or gut feeling.

Well, here is another study that provides a real basis for the discussion. The German Environmental Department found that electric cars which where produced in or before 2020 are 40% less climate damaging than a combustion engine. 

To be fair, the study did say that electric cars built before 2020 have a worse effect than the combustion engine with regards to nutrient input into the water and acidification of the soil.

They also looked at the supply of precious raw materials - an aspect which can be solved be ever improving recycling technologies.

In summary, I am a believer in science and this article provides a great overview of just that. What do you think?

Elektroautos sind 40 Prozent weniger klimaschädlich als Verbrenner


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