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Plan for Drivers - Accelerating the rollout of EV Charging Infrastructure

Last year, the Government announced a number of commitments around accelerating the rollout of EV chargepoints in it's ‘Plan for Drivers’ which was welcome news but ultimately, as I always say, plans are just plans until they are put into action and delivered upon.

Well, on that note, today we learned that significant progress has been made on those commitments which will undoubtedly speed up EV chargepoint deployments and support more and more people to make the switch to electric.

The news comes on the same day the UK records its one millionth EV sold since 2002 and with BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) sales up 21% YoY, we are most definitely headed in the right direction.

The three key take aways from todays announcements centre around grants, consultations and guidance. Firstly, it is very good news for schools as a new grant which covers up to 75% of the cost to install EV chargers (max £2,500 per socket), with support for up to 40 sockets is introduced. That's a big jump from the previous £350. Not least, the new grant is available not only for state funded schools but also nurseries, colleges and academies to boost charging facilities for staff and visitors. Better still, having access to charging onsite will provide potential additional revenue streams by opening chargers to the public during out of school hours, weekends and school holidays. It's a no brainer. 

Next came the announcement of the Street works access: electric vehicle chargepoint operators consultation which will essentially cut the red tape for chargers, allowing EV charger installations to be carried out with simpler permits rather than a Section 50 licence, thereby saving time and money and help speed up the installation process.  This was a big ask from RECHARGE UK in its Charging forward to 2030 report, and it's finally happening. No doubt Matt Adams will be pleased!

Finally, adding another layer of support, new guidance has been issued to Local Authorities regarding Section 50 licences. This comprehensive guidance, released this morning, includes updated directives on chargepoint installations. Notably, it allows a single Section 50 licence to cover multiple installations across various streets. This strategic move not only addresses the immediate pressures on Chargepoint Operators but also sets the stage for potential legislative exemptions to Section 50 in the near future - yet another win for sustainable EV infrastructure.

All in all, these initiatives collectively represent a significant step forward in advancing cleaner and more efficient EV infrastructure whilst providing essential support to local authorities, schools and other educational institutions. A positive step forward and a huge boost to the UK as we continue to accelerate the EV transition. 

As a Director and Managing Partner at Hyperion Executive Search, I have over 8 years experience supporting start-ups and scale-ups throughout the UK, Europe and US to hire exceptional talent within the EV & Future Mobility sector. So, if you are a candidate interested in contributing towards accelerating the rollout of EV charging infrastructure, or you are a Founder/CEO looking to appoint senior-executive level talent for your business, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and let's talk. 


New measures will mean EV owners benefit from easier and more convenient access to chargepoints.


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