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The right charging in the right place

From Carrots to Kilowatts, from today you will be able to purchase groceries and electrons as UK Supermarket Sainsbury’s has today announced the launch of of its own EV charging network that will give drivers access to ultra-rapid EV charging points across its UK stores.

As the switch to electric vehicles continues to gather pace, the new network, Smart Charge is a perfect example of the right charging in the right place.

I am fortunate to be able to charge at home but for those reliant on public charging infrastructure, having reliable charging available at convenient locations where dwell time is typically greater than 30 minutes makes complete sense.

It is great to see the thought and consideration from Sainsbury's here. My biggest frustration with some supermarkets and retail parks is the poor choice of charging (if any) available to the public. Often as not, at least near to where I live, many supermarkets and retail sites have older units with chargers typically no more than 22kW meaning its hardly worth the hassle plugging in and messing around with apps to gain a handful of miles.

With the Ultra-rapid charging technology from arguably one of the best, most reliable pieces of kit on the market (Kempower) and with charging capabilities of 150kW+, Sainsbury's have clearly placed a lot of thought into this and as a result, customers can, at the tap of a contactless card, gain a significant charge in as little as 30 minutes whilst tackling the weekly shop. 

More of this please.

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With Smart Charge, customers can make the most of both the speedy service and the option to pop into a Sainsbury’s store to pick up some groceries or grab a coffee while they wait.


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