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| 1 minute read

Want to raise from family offices?

I have written quite often recently about the fundraising environment. There is no doubt that in the second half of 2023 VC funding has slowed significantly. There is no shortage of dry powder. I think in the second half of 2024 we'll see the purse strings start to ease. But if you need to raise a round before then? A significant percentage of start-ups will do. Have you thought about Family Offices?

Many VC funds have Family Offices as their LPs (funders), but many family offices invest directly. Ones run by younger generations in particular are less risk averse, are more open to early stge, VC type investments. That said, many, regardless of generation invest in areas close to their original source of wealth, or in an area of personal interest. Climate tech for example!  

As with VC's you can save yourself a lot of time with a few well targeted questions about their investment thesis. The sectors they invest in, ticket sizes, investment horizons etc.

They can be elusive, but in recent years I've seen many family offices become more visible and active.  Don't ignore this potential source of funding, engaging with an investment intermediary well connected in this space would save a lot of time.

For the last decade, since founding Hyperion Executive Search, I've been working with VC's and investors of all types, who have a focus on funding cleantech/climatetech founders. That'd out 100% focus at Hyperion. Get in touch if I can support your growth plans.

Heritage Holdings’s Girtu says, despite this, family offices are more patient about seeing returns.  “Family offices are particularly attractive investors for companies to engage with because they tend to have a long-term, patient capital mindset, unencumbered by concerns about very near-term results,” she says. “Prioritising short-term results may lead to less-than-ideal long-term outcomes for both companies and investors. Families know this, often because they grew their wealth by owning and operating a growing business in the private space.”


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