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Aviation - the next frontier for sustainable fuels?

Virgin`s announcement of completing the first commercial flight that uses 100% sustainable aviation fuel is clearly a great headline. And whilst the claim of 100% sustainable isn`t 100% correct - strictly speaking as they use 88 percent HEFA fuel and 12 percent ​“synthetic aromatic kerosene" - it does highlight the fact that aviation is another high visibility sector which needs to look at its future strategy to reduce emissions.

We at Hyperion are working with a lot of tech start ups including pioneers in the “clean aviation” space. Whilst the breakthrough in terms of commercial viability of clean business models in the aviation fuel space hasn`t been reached yet, this is another area we need to talk in the future.

What`s your view on this topic?

Virgin Atlantic To Fly From Heathrow To JFK Using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel


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