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Yes, Electric trucks can do more than 1000 km!

Truck electrification is one of the really hot topics across the boardrooms of logistics and freight companies around the globe. Now Volvo has completed the longest ever journey in an electric truck. It went for 1,185 km from Brisbane to Australia`capital Canberra.

Compared to a diesel truck loaded to the same 32.2-ton gross weight, Volvo estimates about 1200 kg of carbon were saved. The trip took about 22 hours in total, about 8 hours longer than a conventional diesel-powered truck. Whilst the longer duration of the trip is clearly still an economic disadvantage, the charging times will come down as the infrastructure is improving and the trucks don`t have to wait for or share charge points with others.

Volvo is also working on developing its own charging network and draw upon the learnings for its logistics customers.  In essence, Volvo believes that by opportunity charging while the trucks are loading and unloading, they can be driven well in excess of their daily work demand.


Volvo Makes Longest Ever All-Electric Truck Journey In Australia


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