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| 1 minute read

PE investment slightly declined but there are still plenty of alternatives to finance clean tech start ups

I am not an economist, but my discussions with PE funds investing in clean technology have highlighted the fundraising challenges faced by some funds in this sector. 

Equity fundraising is a critical aspect of scaling and driving innovation in the clean technology industry. However, recent trends indicate that clean technology funds are encountering challenges in securing the necessary funds to fuel their investments.

According to a Reuters article, private equity funds are rushing to the Gulf region as fundraising opportunities elsewhere have dried up. This implies that competition for available investments is increasing, leading to a more challenging equity fundraising landscape overall. Global fundraising for alternative investments, including private equity, has dropped by 21% over the past year. Rising interest rates are pushing investors towards alternative asset classes, such as bonds, which provide higher returns than before. This shift in investor preferences has made it more challenging for PE funds to attract  investment.

It is important to note that fundraising difficulties are not solely attributed to the clean technology sector. Various factors, including market conditions, investor sentiment, and economic uncertainties, impact fundraising for investments across industries.

To overcome these challenges, clean technology companies can still explore alternative funding sources, such as government grants and incubator programs. Building strategic partnerships with established players in the industry, including investors with expertise in clean technology, can also help navigate the fundraising landscape more effectively.

While equity fundraising may pose obstacles for clean technology funds, the good news is that the sector's importance in addressing global sustainability challenges remains high. Governments, organizations, and investors worldwide are increasingly recognizing the urgent need for clean energy solutions. With perseverance, strategic partnerships, and a focus on demonstrating measurable impact, clean technology funds can continue to drive investment and secure the necessary capital for a greener future.


Global fundraising for alternative investments, which include private equity, dropped 21% to $972 billion in the year to Nov. 1 from the same period a year earlier, according to research firm Preqin. Rising interest rates have pushed up the return investors can make in rival assets classes such as bonds.