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Big oil is now serious about dominating EV charging

We all know that there are no easy answers to complex problems. Just like there is probably no strict and ultimate black and white, but many shades of grey in life.

So the fact that BP pulse announced this week to buy $100 million worth of Tesla chargers as part of a broader plan to invest up to $1 billion in EV charging across the US by 2030 will probably cause both positive and negative reactions.

We have now done a fair bit of work with bp pulse and my personal take on it is that we need big oil to invest their money into clean energy. Is it enough? No - but at least it`s a start. 

This is a very controversial topic but I am a serious believer in constructive and solution orientated communication!

What do you think about it?

bp boosts EV charging network with $100 million order of Tesla ultra-fast chargers


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