To reach true net zero – we need tech that does not yet exist.

This article provides great insights into the bigger picture, looking at what is needed for a true solution to the biggest challenge we are facing today.

After decades of work and investment within fossil-fuelled industries, the goal of achieving “net zero” will be a tricky one.

The Clean Technology sector has traditionally been a tough area for businesses and investors, with little success in the early 2000s. However, as people become more socially conscious and aware of the importance of tackling climate change, consumers are holding large companies accountable and putting pressure on them to change.

More than 200 organisations – including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and IKEA – have made ambitious commitments to contribute to a clean energy future. To achieve this, these companies will need the help from innovations that do not currently exist, creating a huge area of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Some entrepreneurs are already paving the way, and with this opportunity, 2021 will no doubt bring more entrepreneurs and ideas to the table, to help reach net zero. These innovations will also attract more capital for the industry, with many investors announcing a new focus on climate investing!

However, entrepreneurs and investors will not be able to change the world by themselves.

“In 2021, we will understand that replacing incumbent systems with cleantech will require the co-operation of large companies and governments, too.”

To change the status quo, global collaboration needs to be higher on the list of priorities.  

2021 will be an interesting year for the Clean Technology industry, and here at Hyperion we are excited to work with the most innovative companies and teams aiming to tackle climate change and reach net zero!