Public enthusiasm and uptake for EVs is most definitely on the rise and whilst we may have (at least I hope) squashed any fears of range anxiety, it would appear the lack of charging infrastructure still remains a barrier to mass adoption.

Recent analysis from Cornwall Insight shows the number of public electric vehicle (EV) charge points per EV has fallen to its lowest level since 2018 (when Cornwall Insight records began). In fact, for every one EV in the UK, there are 0.28 public charge points.

Further research indicates that across the UK as a whole, there are 29 charging points per 100,000 people and significant regional disparity in the concentration of these devices exists. For example, in London, there are 63 charging points per 100,000 people compared to just 18 per 100,000 in Yorkshire & Humber.

COVID-19 restrictions have undoubtedly loomed large over the installation of charge points and as a result has unsurprisingly suppressed the number of installations we have seen over the course of the year. However, there is an incredible amount of work going on to increase the network and deliver the required infrastructure to meet the growing demand.

The recent announcement from government in bringing forward the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030 as well as the investment outlined in their 10-point plan will certainly provide more opportunities to increase EV charging infrastructure so for me personally, as a soon-to-be EV owner, the infrastructure concern really isn't too big a concern at all. 

This week alone, the future of EV charging infrastructure arrived by way of the UKs first all-electric forecourt from Gridserve - A magnificent development and the first of many that will most definitely increase the confidence of particularly those looking to make the switch to EV.

Here at Hyperion, we are proud to partner with a number of charge point manufacturers, ICP's, Installers and EV solutions providers who are leading from the front to enable the transition to electric vehicles. 

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